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The Kiss Quotient By Helen Hoang: Book Review

The Kiss Quotient interested me from the moment I knew about it. Gender swapped roles, diverse representation with an Autistic female lead and a Vietnamese male lead. It also seemed to include a few favourite tropes of mine too!

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the kiss quotient, book review, romance, diverse reads, autism, vietnamese, swedish, love, contemporary, bookstagram, book blogger, goodreads

Introduction To The Kiss Quotient

Stella Lane is obsessed with mathematics as it just makes sense. With a job she adores, a pay check too large for her to deal with and with little to none experience with dating, it seems plausible to hire an escort. Her Asperger’s doesn’t help her but maybe Michael Phan is the perfect solution. He can’t afford to turn down her offer and so there relationship begins. Although it’s strictly business, Stella and Michael can’t help but hope it’s not.

The Plot

Although predictable, I did enjoy reading this book. I love how it is a Pretty Woman book but in reverse. The diversity in this book pleased me for sure, it’s rare that these sort of characters are seen on screen or on page. I love that this was a #OwnVoice book but throughout The Kiss Quotient, it seems like Stella has to overcome her autism and not accept it as who she is. Michael is a great, swoon-worthy character for sure but the book would have been more powerful if Stella accepted her autism and her flaws by herself without the help of a man.

This book expresses other important topics which I can’t help but think they were glossed over. Potential love interest Phillip is a typical, arrogant man who likes to believe all women love him. To the point it could come across as sexual harassment in a workplace. I appreciate the diversity of this book, but it definitely could have been expanded with other ideas that play into the book.

The Characters

I was a huge fan of Stella Lane, a smart, assured and accomplished woman. She was relatable and her POV gave me an insight and knowledge to Asperger’s. Her journey tackling a world who might not be accepting of her was incredible to read and go through with her.

Michael definitely checks the box for a swoon-worthy character who always asks for consent. The way he grew to understand and care for Stella was adorable and their chemistry was spot on. The interactions between him and his family were comforting to read about, and I am all for the gender reversed roles in this book. He’s fun, kind and adds to the sweetness of this book for sure.

Conclusion of The Kiss Quotient

If I didn’t enjoy the characters as much as I did, then I would not rate this 3 stars! My main issues are with the plot and how it could have been explored more. But, despite this, I did like how refreshing The Kiss Quotient is with it’s diversity. It’s important to raise awareness and I’m glad that this book has gotten the recognition it needs. Autism is rarely represented and The Kiss Quotient has done exactly that offering knowledge to a reader too.

If you have read this book, I’d love to know your thoughts! And I’m always looking for some diverse book recommendations to add to Goodreads and bookstagram. If you have any, then I’d like to add them to my ever growing to be read list!

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