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The Hating Game Book Review

The Hating Game sounded right up my alley and it is the perfect lighthearted read. I love the enemies to lovers trope and with humor added in too, check me in! I’m not usually a romance or contemporary reader, but recently I’ve gotten into a binge of them. Maybe the Valentine’s Day feels are really rubbing off on me.

It all started off with Crazy Rich Asians, you can read my review if you’d like to hear my thoughts!

Introduction To The Hating Game

Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman share an office together. They spend at least 40 hours plus inside. They’re always trying to beat each other, whether that be through a new ridiculous game or a new promotion. Despite them constantly reminding themselves how much they hate the other, maybe that isn’t the case at all. From elevator kisses to dressing up at work, Lucy and Josh definitely do not hate each other. And readers watch as there relationship slowly blooms into love.

The Plot

I loved the banter between Lucy and Josh, so much that I read this book in under 24 hours. The writing wasn’t amazing, but the character development certainly made up for it. The Hating Game is a binge worthy read for sure. Although I do wish that there was more to the ending. Enemies to lovers in books often are slow burn too and I’m one of those readers who like to see everything come together. Open endings are fine, but I would have loved to see the resolution of who got the job and the relationship of Lucy and Josh.

The Characters

The book was in Lucy’s POV and her narration was so enjoyable to read! She was a heroine who has the right amount of kindness and sass, someone who was relatable from the beginning!

Josh is the complete opposite and is portrayed as an arrogant, grumpy man. But really that never is the case with romance books and so I grew to really enjoy his character too. The silly games him and Lucy played were hilarious, I couldn’t get enough of them.

There character development is realistic as well as the enemies to lovers too. It was believable and soon they both grew into swoon-worthy characters. The dialogue between them had me grinning and I wish readers could have had more of an insight as to what Josh was thinking.

Conclusion Of The Hating Game

Overall I thoroughly loved reading this book! It played out like a movie and I could so see it become one too. A 4 star read, an epilogue and a better ending would’ve topped the icing on the cake for me! It’s definitely got me in a mood for romance and contemporary books, I’m sure I’ll find another amazing read and showcase it on my bookstagram!

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