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Chatty Ramblings: Book Ban, The Pros And Cons

I’ve been on a book ban from January this year, and I’ve experienced struggles as a bookworm but also a difference in my reading. It’s a topic widely talked about within the book community, such as twitter. So I figured a pros and cons list to help separate the truth and facts would be useful, especially if you are thinking on going on a book ban!

Book Ban: Pros

The Obvious, You Save Money

My main reason for going on a book ban was that I spent a large amount on books daily. As much as I enjoyed it, I knew my bank account would disagree. Although I have only been on a book ban for two months, I have noticed a difference. I tend to reach for free ebooks and audiobooks often from the library and that has been doing me fine!

Discovering New Gems

This might not be the case for everyone, however usually when I buy a book it is one that is either newly released or has been hyped a lot. So as I’ve not been buying books, I have noticed that I’ve been picking up unread books that have been sat on my shelf for years. Or I have discovered some underrated books! I feel like this has definitely helped diversify my reading which is great for my 2020 goal.

Diversify My Reading

agatha christie, classics, mystery books, thrillers, discover new reads, book ban, book blogger, bookstagram
Agatha Christie is a classics author that I have discovered!

I’ve been finding some amazing books on Scribd and free books on my kindle. I wouldn’t normally reach for a classic, but I’m glad this book ban has helped me branch out reading. I have discovered genres that I actually enjoy reading about, which has definitely surprised me! So if you want to step out of your comfort zone, then I’d recommend a book ban.

Book Ban: Cons

New Releases Are Gonna Have To Wait

As strong as my game has been, there are so many new releases that I am looking forward to! It is a bit of a struggle, especially when your local library might not have the book yet or only have one copy. There is an alternative option like waiting or perhaps convincing friends or family to treat you and buy the book. So this is an area which I think might bring me down, there are so many new books I’m looking forward to read this year!

The Life Of A Mood Reader

I rarely set a to be read for each month and instead just pick out what I am in the mood for. Although I do have a fair amount of unread books on my shelf, I still think I have nothing to read! I kind of compare it to one of those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear, despite having a wardrobe full of clothes.

Bookstagram Struggles

crazy rich asians by kevin kwan book review, book blogger, diverse reads, romance bookstagram
Crazy Rich Asians Ebook For My Bookstagram And Review!

Bookstagram is a platform that I love to talk about my current reads and what’s new within the community. I try to include a variety of books, but I haven’t been reading as many physical books. Audiobooks and ebooks have definitely helped diversify my reading but I do find them hard to take a picture of!

All in all, it depends on what you think outweighs each other! I personally have found a few benefits to book bans, despite the struggles it brings! With all the new releases, I’m not sure how long I’ll last. So I would love to hear your thoughts! I’ve done a pros and cons list for reading challenges and bullet journals, so if you’ve enjoyed this post you might like them too!

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