pros and cons of reading challenges book blog, goodreads, bookstagram

4 Pros and Cons Of Reading Challenges

The new year has just begun, and reading challenges have been set by us bookworms either on Goodreads or journals! Everyone has different reading preferences. However, some love to use reading challenges and others don’t! Here is my pros and cons list to give you the full run down and to decide whether or not they are for you!

pros and cons of reading challenges book blog, goodreads, bookstagram

Pros: Helps To Keep Track

pros and cons of reading challenges book blog, goodreads, bookstagram, reading tracker

A couple of years ago, I never used to track my reading. But since I have started, I noticed that I either read the same genre quite a bit.So it helped me to diversify my reading! I tracked down the number of books I read and this even made me to feel competitive. One year I originally set my goal to read 30 books, but as I got competitive and into reading then ever before I actually read 40+ books!

Pros: Track Of Genres, And Money

As I mentioned, my reading challenge helped me notice what genres I read. In my top ten books of 2019 post, a lot of the books that were my favourites of the year were not that diverse. So my bookish resolution this year is to read more diverse books.I wouldn’t have noticed that if I didn’t track my books! Now with my challenge, as I had read a fair amount of books that also meant a fair amount of money spent. I don’t like to admit it but I go to the bookstore more often then the library. In 2020, I hope I can change that by going to the library more then usual and maybe try to convince myself to go on a book ban.

top ten books 2019, goodreads, book blogger, reviews

Cons: Reading Is For Enjoyment

We all read for enjoyment, so I can understand when you don’t feel the need to turn your hobby into a competition. Tracking and having reading challenges does have its downsides, what if you don’t read as much as you expected to? So I definitely see why some might not like reading challenges, feeling disappointed about something you love and enjoy isn’t an ideal situation.

Cons: Feel Pressured

Reading challenges can be a fun competition. However, you could feel pressured to read a lot of books and a wide range of genres too. Sometimes we want to stick to our favourite genres.Or we want to reread so that we can enjoy our favourite books again. It’s easy to feel guilty that you have to read the latest releases or vary your reading preferences. But I think it all comes down to one thing, why do we like to read? It’s so easy to complicate things, but we all need a reminder now and then.You don’t have to follow the crowd and feel pressured to do what they are doing.

I hope this post was insightful and that you enjoyed reading it! This time last year, I did a pros and cons list for bullet journals. What are your reading goals for this year? I’ll be sure to share all my reading updates on Instagram!And if you need a little help,then my 2020 book guide should keep you sorted! Thank you for reading and happy reading!

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