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The Flatshare By Beth O’ Leary: Book Review

The Flatshare is a Rom-com including friends to lovers, so count me in! It is an original, funny and a heartwarming read I never knew I needed. After asking you over on my bookstagram, what your favourite tropes are, this book popped up a lot for friends to lovers! So I decided to give it a read, after all I am on a romance binge! My recent reviews are The Kiss Quotient, The Hating Game and Crazy Rich Asians. From enemies to lovers, to contracts and drama, I’m sure you might be able to find your next recommendation there!

the flatshare by Beth O' Leary, ,ebook,goodreads, book review, contemporary, romance, book blogger, bookstagram

Introduction To The Flatshare

After breaking up with her boyfriend, Tiffy needs a new flat. Leon needs some spare cash. So what’s better then a Flatmate? They’ve never met, Leon occupies the flat whilst Tiffy is at work and Tiffy occupies it the rest of the time. Everyone thinks it’s a crazy idea and add that in with an obsessive ex-boyfriend and an imprisoned brother- Tiffy and Leon are in for a roller coaster of a ride.

The Plot

This book is so sweet and heartwarming that it honestly surprised me! It was realistic and the British humour is spot on, I always appreciate it! The communication through post it notes were adorable and I loved how Tiffy’s and Leon’s relationship blossomed and seeing each other was just an extra push that they like each other. It was kind of like a long distance relationship, with the hilarious notes! The serious sub plots were handled well and I love how Leon and Tiffy both supported each other when times were tough. I wouldn’t have expected the serious undertones from a lighthearted read, but it worked well! It’s a unique and engaging story, often hard to achieve when you combine both serious and lighthearted together!

The Characters Of The Flatshare

Every character was distinct and had their own voice. I immediately could tell the difference between them. Secondary characters were so much more then just secondary characters and being there for the sake of it. I loved the circle of friends so much and how the three plots (imprisoned brother, ex boyfriend and of course Leon and Tiffy’s relationship) seamlessly wove together.

Tiffy had that typical quirky vibe going for her and it wasn’t annoying at all! Her ability to see the best in people and getting Leon to not remain quiet was amazing and shows how kind and genuine she is as a character. I love that when she slowly discovers that she got gaslighted by her ex, Tiffy still manages to be strong yet seeks help when she needs it too.

Leon is a little reserved but his humour still has the ability to shine through. He has a unique personality that I haven’t really seen in romance that often and I love how that was shown through his POV which was written differently too! I enjoyed discovering her background and how the career he has is influenced by it.

Conclusion Of The Flatshare

This is probably one of the first contemporary books I’ve enjoyed so much that it may even be a five star read. The pacing was perfect and I did not expect myself to get a little emotional too! The Flatshare is one of those books to remember, from its originiality to the amazing characters.

If you’ve read this book, I’d love to know your thoughts! What are some of your favourite contemporary reads?

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