February, the time for self love!

Appreciate Ourselves February is here and we all know a special date is coming up: Valentine’s Day! It’s a day for love and most couples celebrate this day, however that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the love we have for ourselves! It’s hard to love ourselves when we think it makes us selfish or overconfident. It doesn’t, self love is so important. I thought ranting … Continue reading February, the time for self love!

Expectations Of A Teenage

As a teenage girl, perfection is always on my mind. Often I want to be perfect for everyone. Always wanting perfect grades to impress others. Or wanting to look perfect to avoid judgmental stares. I’v just always wanted to walk through the corridors feeling so confident in myself, insecurities that I have won’t even pop up into my mind. Stress Of School Getting the right … Continue reading Expectations Of A Teenage